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Chief is a spellbinding singer-songwriter who blends the universality of popular music with the search for meaning within us all. Using his electric guitar, self-produced tracks, and his favorite instrument - the crowd, he crafts a show that is equal parts comedy, therapy, and theatre. Whether he’s drawing inspiration from his Celtic roots, leaning on the storytelling found in Country music, or tapping into the Tribal power of our ancestors - Chief’s show is unlike anything you will have seen before.

Chief’s highlights include the release of Colors of the Wind, a dark retelling of the Disney classic which Spirit Science calls a “deep and true to form recreation.” Following the release, producers from the X Factor UK asked him to join the show which he politely declined. Chief is one of the few artists who does not have social media or music on streaming platforms. After years of playing the game that so many musicians play, he realized he was spending more energy getting people to like his music as opposed to actually putting it into in his music. In January of 2018 he deleted his social media, sold everything he owned (including his phone), and bought a one-way ticket to Europe. For 10 months he traveled in a tent, playing music in hidden coves, intentional communities, and cobblestoned streets of the world. Despite not having a ‘social media presence’ - his music had never been so successful, personally and monetarily. 

Chief wants to rewrite the rules for what it means to be successful in this industry. He has shown that you do not have to participate in something just because it’s commonplace and that by following your innermost instinct, whatever that may be, you will reach the place you so valiantly seek.


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